Vinyl Record Frames: Show Off Your Albums

Your vinyl record collection is probably very valuable to you either in terms of money, emotion or memories any of the albums have for you. It's likely that the older some of your collection is then it is irreplaceable which adds to the monetary or emotional personal value. Given that it is irreplaceable you may not even want to play your old albums any longer for fear of damage. If that's the case you can still show them off by framing them and hanging them in your home or office frame my records .

Vinyl record frames are easily available and made specifically for the purpose designed to display your treasured old records in or out of their sleeve. Sturdy frames with a protective perspex front in to which you can slide that treasured album and glorious cover artwork then hang it on the wall for all to enjoy.

Framing is a great way to show off some of your collection which you definitely won't want to listen to but will want to look at or show off. Perhaps that rare picture disc or coloured vinyl edition you are so proud of. Create your own "wall of fame" so to speak comprising of your best stuff knowing that it is well protected within its frames. Looks great up there too and a good conversation piece over dinner with friends. Reminisce about the good old days and relive your youth.

The vinyl record frame is there for that purpose and becoming more and more popular with collectors. Big enough to accommodate a full sized twelve inch diameter album and sleeve artwork too. Various options are available which can show off the sleeve and the album separately if you wish. Wall mounting is made easy too with everything you need included with the frame.

If not for yourself, record frames make excellent gifts for friends who are collectors and might want to show off their stuff. To make the gift extra special you can have the frame personalised (even for yourself) with your friend's name, the name of the album, artist and similar.

But it's not just albums that can be framed. You can also frame seven inch vinyl singles too in just the same way as frames are available to fit that format too.

So instead of letting your record collection (old or new) gather dust hidden away in some cupboard or other never to see the light of day again why not consider framing them and showing them off. You know now that you can frame either albums or singles. The frames are not expensive and as well as looking good up on the wall of your living room or office, framing will help to protect your treasured records and the memories which come with them.

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